Forum rules

The intent and purpose of the forum is to provide a platform where people interested in the subject of the 3Rs can share their ideas. We would be delighted if you were to get involved in our 3Rs forum as well and participated in the exchange of views!

Since users are expected to treat each other with respect, please make sure you abide by the following rules.


a) You need to register if you want to use the forum. You can do this by means of the login button in the top right of the top bar. Here you can log in and register. After registration you will receive an email and be asked to confirm the registration of your profile.

b) A user name and an email address are required for registration. Your user name is visible to all forum users and can no longer be changed after registration. Your email address is not visible to other users.

c) Your user account should only be used by you. As user of the account, you are therefore also responsible for protection against misuse of the account. So please protect your access data against access by third parties.

Informative header

Subject headings such as "I need help!" or "How does that work?" do not indicate what it is about. Please select an appropriate subject heading so that other users have an idea what your subject is. This provides an overview and enables others to orientate themselves more quickly.


1. Rules of conduct

• Insults, illegal links and content as well as other disruptions to the discussions are prohibited and will be immediately removed by an administrator.

• If problems or dissatisfaction with members are encountered, contact an administrator ( to clarify the problems.

• User names that are insulting or offensive and/or contain domain or brand names are forbidden.

• Contributions with extremist, racist or pornographic content and any content that is in breach of the law are forbidden.

• If anyone makes a nuisance of themselves by repeatedly disrupting the general order, appropriate measures will be taken:
a) Users who infringe the rules will receive two warnings. If they infringe the rules a third time, occurs access to the forum will be blocked.
b) In the event of gross violations by a user, the user’s contributions will be immediately removed by an administrator and the user’s access to the forum will be immediately blocked.

• Please bear in mind that you are interacting with other people. Like you, they are participating in the discussions voluntarily. So, please remain polite and exercise patience!

2. Banned content

Illegal content and any form of pornography, racism, hate speech, glorification of violence, discrimination or other offensive content is forbidden

3. Advertising/spam

The linking/advertising of another website for commercial reasons is not permitted.
Any type of spam will be deleted without comment.

4. Data use and copyright

This is a public forum. Make sure you do not release any unpublished data. It is forbidden to upload/copy any images, text or other material that are protected by copyright. The images and text must have been created by the users themselves, must be covered by a licence that permits their distribution or their publication must be shown to have been authorized by the copyright holder.

Deleting your account

If you want to delete your account, please contact an administrator ( Your public comments will remain in the forum for all readers to see. But the account itself will no longer be accessible and your contributions will be marked with “deleted user”. However, if you wish your contributions to be deleted with your account, please notify the administrator when you ask to delete the account.


The administration reserves the right to take decisions that deviate from these rules or are not justified anywhere in the rules. We also reserve the right to change these rules without explanation of the reasons or a special announcement. Users who breach these rules may be issued with a warning, penalized with a temporary or permanent blocking of the account or face criminal prosecution.


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