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RE-Place webinar series 2024

RE-Place launches its annual webinar series.

As the development of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) is rapidly evolving, it might be challenging for (young) scientists to find relevant information about their current use.

Therefore, in Belgium, the RE-Place project aims to tackle this challenge by gathering the expertise on the use of NAMs in one open-access database, available via www.re-place.be.

Moreover, the RE-Place team helps Belgian scientists to increase the visibility of their work by promoting it on social media and offering them the possibility to present their work during different events.

In this context, the RE-Place team is organising a series of Educational Webinars to put the existing knowledge in the spotlight!

Practical information:
The webinars are hosted once per month or once per two months, with eight sessions planned this year. During every webinar, two speakers will have the opportunity to present their work (20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes for questions). The webinars will take one hour in total.

All webinars are recorded and available via the YouTube Channel of RE-Place: https://www.youtube.com/@re-place1330.

The first webinar will take place on the 15th of February(4 PM) via Webex and will feature two experienced speakers, Prof. Christophe Deben from the University of Antwerp and Dr. Colinda Scheele from the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology, who will present their work on the practical applications of organoids in research and drug screening.

Registration is free of charge and can be done via:

Any question? You can contact the RE-Place team via info@re-place.be.

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